Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buying corporate jackets…what’s the difference between “heavyweight” and” thermal”?

 So, you’ve been tasked with buying cold weather jackets for your staff. You’ve seen the terms “heavyweight” and “thermal” and you’re wondering, “What’s the difference,” “how do I pick between the two?”
Today’s cold weather corporate apparel isn’t just about the type of fabric it’s made from. The real difference and what really matters is performance.
Thermal depends upon the weave used to make the fabric. A thermal weave creates small pockets that trap warm air (from your body) and keep it close to your body.
“Heavyweight” refers to the weight of the fabric; you’ll see terms like 12 oz. or “gms /sq. in” The higher the number the heavier the fabric.

Can the two be combined? Yes, they often are. Here’s an example.

This is the Carhartt Yukon Fleece Jacket. It’s a heavyweight fleece on the outside with a thermal lining. It has polyester taffeta sleeve lining with quilt insulation.

The heavyweight fleece will prevent the warm air from escaping quickly.

However, you don’t necessarily need a heavyweight fabric to get a cold weather performance jacket. Here’s an example.

This is the Trailway Soft Shell jacket from Tri-Mountain. It has 2 layers of polyester bonded together with a breathable windproof/water resistant membrane in between. Inside there are thermal panels to trap and hold body warmth. It is a fairly light weight but extremely warm jacket.

You might select something like the Trailway if you want a light weight 
and more fashion oriented jacket         
Carhartt and Dri Duck make jackets that are more work oriented.
Any of these jackets can be decorated with your company logo. Any of them will keep your staff warm and comfy in chilly weather.